Songs about romance don’t tell you how to make out, they merely encourage it. It’s not the data that people seek, it’s the mood.

If all we needed to do great work was information, our problems would be over. The internet is the greatest repository anyone could imagine… if you want to know how to do something, the internet will show you how. Anything.

The how, of course, is not important. Books and songs and movies that have an impact work because they motivate us to take action, not because they show us exactly what to do.

Did you not have enough information or expertise to start a successful business during the last boom? Or the boom before that? Are you so ill-informed that you are unable to make a profitable sales call, unable to answer the phone, unable to persuade someone to join your cause? That’s unlikely.

We don’t have a knowledge shortage. Far from it, we have an implementation shortage.

I get very annoyed at pundits who criticize a book for not having enough proof, not enough data, not enough rigorous case studies. I am disappointed at people who hesitate to start something important because they are just waiting to learn enough or know enough or to figure out the answer.

It’s frustrating to see professionals with good qualifications hesitate to start their own businesses because every time they have to take the jump, they choke and feel that they need to attend some project management course, or sales course or some course. They foresee a minor challenge and want to register a course to mitigate it, a degree or even a Masters degree. They end up accumulating qualifications and no implementation.

It’s like the annoying kid at the magic show shouting, “I know how you did that trick!” Of course you do.

The question is not, “how do you do the trick?” The question is, “do you feel like doing the work, taking the risk, making a stand and getting it done?” If you don’t know how to do the trick, go look it up. Get a tutor. A dummies guide. Figure it out. That’s the easy part.

You already know how to deliver excellent service that blows people away. You just don’t feel like it. Your business has the resources to buy that machine or enter that market or change that policy. They are just not in the mood.

If I accomplish anything on a good day, it’s helping you change attitudes. I think that’s what your boss/the market wants you to do as well.

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