Thank you very much

In 2014, I posted 380 blog posts. My goal for 2014 was to post at least one blog article a day. More than 21000 people across 123 countries read this blog. I would say “unique people,” but that’s redundant. Each of you is as unique as they come.

Every day, I’m grateful for a chance to share an idea, strategy or challenge with you. I appreciate the attention and trust of my blog readers, it would be impossible to do this without you.

Thank you very much to all the fellow revolutionaries (entrepreneurs) who cared enough to stand up and say, “here, I made this, what do you think?”

Most important, thank you very much for living your dreams out loud, bringing generosity, insight and wonder to the work you do.

Thank you very much to all those who read my book: The Start-Up Revolution: Fit In or Stand Out and pass it on to someone you believe it will inspire. I know that if enough of us learn about the Start-Up Revolution and work hard to start that business, we can and will change the world.

And finally, all those who are very close to me and believed in my dream, they know who they are, I love you all.

The revolution will not be televised. The revolution will be lived. — Gil Scott Heron

My wish for you in 2015 is to do work that matters, to do generous work that touches people to be better, not because you expect anything in return but simply because you can.

All the best and God bless.

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