Have you ever looked at a work of art, focusing on the artist’s attention to detail? It’s fascinating to see and absorb what makes the piece original.

It’s in the details where excellence is found.

When it comes to your own personal work or craft, how important are the details? Do you strive for excellence? Do you consider your work as a form of art or a way to share a special skill or talent? Or is your focus primarily on just getting the work done, getting paid, and getting home in time to see the latest reality TV episode?

One thing I’ve observed in the workforce today is a disregard for excellence. Whether it’s a lack of motivation, interest, or skill, many people don’t seem to care much about the details or originality of the work to which they’ve been entrusted. And, in the end, audiences are left with a lackluster experience.

Imagine a world where excellence still mattered. Imagine a world where each person considered their work as a form of art or skill that can captivate an audience (or customer) in ways that draw them to the intentional details and originality of the work. Now imagine yourself as an artist in that world. What would you create? How would you create it? What would make it original and fascinating to your audience?

Our world today needs individuals who have the heart of an artist. Excellence still matters. Details are still of great importance. Originality is still captivating.

If you’re still not convinced, consider the work of our Creator. He cares about the details. Just look around (or in the mirror) for proof. Observe the growth of a child (or consider the conception process). Think about the changing of seasons (or night and day). Not only did our Creator care about the details, but He cared about excellence.

Consider the work you’ve been called to do. Are you striving for excellence? Do you care about the details? If not, I challenge you to find ways to make it original. Strive for ways to impress your audience.

Whatever the task you’ve been given to do, consider it a form of art.

In the end, it’s about more than just a salary.

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