Make the rules
Market leaders make up the rules. They establish the systems and the benchmarks that a market plays by.

And yes, a market leader can be a church, a political party, or a nonprofit.

If you play by those rules, you will almost certainly lose.

After all, that’s why market leaders make rules.

They establish a game that they can win, over and over again, against smaller or newer competitors.

The alternative is both obvious and scary: Change the rules.

Newcomers and underdogs can only benefit when the rules change. The safe thing to do feels risky, because it involves playing by a fundamentally different set of assumptions.

But in fact, dramatically changing the game is the safest thing you can do if you want to grow.

Keeping it safe by playing within the rules is no longer safe. Strive to be a thought leader not a market leader. Being a thought leader means you write the rules and that makes you a market leader instantly.

Don’t play by the rules, make new rules so that others can follow them.


Make rules

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