Startup Now
I love startups. Not only do they bring the promise of rapid growth and real change, but everything is up for grabs. Organisations that start with a clean sheet of paper have the difficult task of paying the bills, but they also have the luxury of ignoring yesterday in order to focus exclusively on tomorrow.

Through the years, I’ve started a bunch of companies and enjoyed brainstorming with the people who have launched companies big and small, I have worked with SAB Kickstart, I mentor a number of startup entrepreneur, I have worked with startups in other African countries.

Next month, I’m going to be running a small school, a one day for 10 Startup founders.

Cost per delegate: R1,500.00
Date: Saturday, 23 August 2014
Time: 09h00 – 17h00
Venue: The Blue Train Lounge Boardroom (Pretoria) – Next to the Gautrain Pretoria Station

Port Elizabeth: 20 September 2014 (Venue to be confirmed)
Cape Town: 11 October 2014 (Venue to be confirmed)

To RSVP and for any questions please email: or call: 079 349 1467
Blue Train Lounge

NB: Please email your idea or business plan or marketing plan for your business before the workshop so that we can advice you on your business during the workshop.

The workshop is limited to Ten (10) delegates only. First come, first served.

Includes coffee and lunch and all the ideas you can take with you. In exchange, you bring your ideas, your enthusiasm and your willingness to challenge and be challenged. Because this is such a small event, ticket sales are non-refundable, but happily transferable if you can’t make it and can find someone who can.

If you know someone who might benefit from this, I hope you’ll tell them about it.

This is for you if:
• You’re ready to think hard about creating a startup
• You’re about to leave your job and start something new
• You already have a new business but you don’t have a lot of revenue yet and you’re open and able to change everything
• You’re looking to join a startup at the very earliest stages and want to either find some partners or think harder about what works and what doesn’t
• It’s even useful for the leader of a team of an existing startup that has resources but needs a new path to success

This event is not inexpensive, but starting a new business isn’t either. It’s not for everyone, but I’m hoping to a find a 10 entrepreneurs who want to more deeply understand the strategic and marketing decisions that go into building a business that thrives.

Course Content
1. The Startup Revolution
2. Freelancer or Entrepreneur?
3. Adjusting the Course. Nature does not allow the vacuum
4. Creating Scarcity
5. Appealing to Consumers
6. Permission and Trust
7. Raising Money and Cash Flow
8. Advertising and Competitors
9. Making Ideas Travel
10. Compromising
11. Tactics
12. The Dip
13. Building the Truth
14. The DeliverIt Journal
15. Distinct and Direct

The first hours of the workshop we will talk about strategy, ways to go to market, organisation, bootstrapping, raising money (pro or con or how), storytelling (to the public and to the investment community), the economic structure of your offering (free, expensive or in-between) and staffing choices.

I’m very interested in helping you see the relationship between scale and resources and effort. There will certainly be a bias toward businesses that use can grow to employ more people, but not exclusively. I also have a bias toward bootstrapping, but having raised money, can share insight there as well.

A startup is a special moment of time, when all decisions are on the table, when you have a clean sheet of paper to think hard about strategy and how you will create value.

I’m most interested in two things:

• Discussing how you can re-architect and re-organise your plans to make them considerably more likely to succeed
• Helping you engage with other entrepreneurs in the same stage of development to help you dramatically increase your skills at the same time you help them.

I have a few business plans to share for new businesses that you’re welcome to take and morph and run with, and you should bring your own business plan or come ready to invent one. I’ll be talking about innovative business ideas, websites and businesses that start from virtually nothing but scale. We won’t be spending a lot of time trying to fix your ailing (or stable) business, but we’re all going to be focused on building something worth doing.

You will spend the day with other attendees in small group work, designing multiple scenarios to present to the group at the end of the day. Lunch is included. We usually run from 9:30 to about 5 pm, with group work included. Most people who come stay in Gauteng and take the 40 minute to commute to the venue via Gautrain, but there are plenty of hotels right nearby if you come from far.

After-Workshop-Session is an optional where a guest entrepreneur (Dr Lucas Moloi will come share his business experience), where we will hang out and assist groups as they work through choices and pitches.

There are 10 seats, maximum.

The cost works out to R1,500 for the day, for the full day–I think it’ll pay off for you. Right after you have sent your RSVP, I’ll contact you and ask you for some background on what you’re up to and where you are in terms of stages of your business.

To RSVP and for any questions please email: or call: 079 349 1467

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