We all want to open big. We often hear the wise say “go big or go home.” We want our product launches to be instant successes. We want our CVs we send out to be reviewed in one day, we get called the next day, interviewed the third, and we’re in a corner office by the end of the week. This mentality persists in almost every aspect of life, in everything from consulting services to receiving a school report in first grade.

More often entrepreneurs spend 100 percent of their on the big open. Same with trade show launches of new products. We want an event, a launch party, something that causes a tremor.

The new way of marketing and introducing our products, it appears, doesn’t work that way.
In my first business workshops, only six people pitched. My first blog post had very few readers. But, day by day, an audience can grow.

The bottom line is that it is way easier to start things than it is used to be (opening a movie big costs a tenth of a billion rands, while opening and starting to blog costs virtually nothing). The natural, user-driven networks that make a product succeed or fail rarely fire all at once.

But the snowball effect is far more powerful than the old-world scream-and-dream approach.

So, what does this mean to you?

Make something worth making.

Sell something worth talking about.

Believe in what you do because you may have to do it for a long time before it catches on.

Don’t listen to the first people who give you feedback.

Don’t give up. Not for a while, anyway.

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