Will Smith
When no one is looking and you are not trying, what shows on your face?

A lot of people say I have a serious face, some even say I am unapproachable until you get to know me better.

My face is not “serious” because I’m serious, it looks serious because that’s my default face when I’m quiet.

It is interesting what people read with your default face.

We all have default faces, default settings, an arrangement of muscles that gives our mouth and eyes a look.

People rely so much on reading faces that even though you might not intend it, people are making an assumption about your mood and your approachability.

Here is an interesting question I have been thinking about:

What is the ‘resting face’ of your brand, your business, your website?

In the ordinary course of business, when no one is really focused on trying, what does your emails, signage and word choices telegraph about you?

Over time, many businesses evolve into an efficient yet foreboding default.

It takes effort to move uphill, to put a smile into your voice and your typical interactions.

What could be worth more effort than that, though?

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