– If I was going to make you a cake for R20, using Joe Soap’s special recipe, I would go to the supermarket and get the ingredients and bake one slice of cake for you.

– I like you a little but I am in a hurry, so I’m going to buy cake mix and pay R30 for the mix that will give me a slice, plus I get to save time (of having not to measure and mix the ingredients)

– But if I am really in a hurry, I might as well just pay R40 of cake slice, no problem because it’s worth it to me. The experience not the cake.

– But you are my buddy and it’s your 45 birthday so I’m going to my faviourite bakery where I am liked and I’m going to pay R60 per slice and I am happy to pay it.

– Oh it’s your 50th birthday, let’s go to the Sheraton hotel for dinner where the cake costs R100 per slice. And it’s exactly the same piece of cake, but I’m happy to pay it because we are not really buying cake but we are buying and paying for the experience of being at the Sheraton.

We live in the connection economy. Human beings crave connections and experiences.

You can buy the ingredients at R20 and mix the slice of cake or you can go to the Sheraton Hotel have dinner and pay R100 for the same slice of cake.

The reason we pay more is because we love the experience that comes with the connection.

If you can offer us connections, we will take them thank you very much.

Don’t just give your customers your products, give them the experiences. People are willing to pay more of the same products just because they get the great experiences as well.

Happy birthday and may your day be filled with the best experiences.

Ps: Even if it’s not your birthday today, please do me a favour: Have yourself a super wonderful day with the best experiences so far by far.

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