15 years ago, not many people owned a media company, but now everybody does.

That means you don’t need The Sunday Times to say yes to your article, you don’t need the SABC to say yes to your video clip, you don’t need News24, Primedia etc to say yes.

Everybody owns a media company if they want to.

If you want to put an event and want 500 people to come, you can.

If you want to write something online and have a million people read it, you can.

If you want to be in the connection business, you can.

This is really bad news for people who are insisting on being picked because you are not going to get picked.

A young Jonas Lekganyane from Limpopo province [South Africa] didn’t have to wait to be picked by great producers before he started The Adventures of Noko Mashaba, he merely taught himself how to do animation at his parent’s home.

He picked himself up. The Adventures of Noko Mashaba is watched on YouTube by over a million of people in Africa. Jonas had the courage to say:

“Here I made this, what do you think?”

Noko Mashaba
(Jonas Lekganyane from a village in Limpopo, South Africa)

That era of waiting to be picked is over, its being replaced by that awesome scary responsibility of picking yourself, of saying I am my own client and that this is the best work I can get the person who does the best work for me to do.

Here it is, I made this, what do you think? And you put it in front of people and some people will say “I don’t get it”and you might have to respond with guts “then it’s not for you” and go to the next person and say “here I made this.”

Your job is not to make something for everyone because there is no longer “anything for everyone anymore.”

If you are saying what I need to do to be successful and what I need to do to be happy is by being picked by a mass media marketer who has excellent taste and will do what I say and will bring my product which is going to be the one I love and everyone is going to embrace it and say I did a good job and there will be no criticism, you will fail and be unhappy.

But if you say, you know what, there are just a few people that I can imagine, who I can put something in front of them that could change them enough, connect them enough that they will talk about it, then the word will spread and not everyone will love your work, then you are doing work that matters and you stand a chance of succeeding.

But you don’t need everyone, think of your heroes you work with at your job, none of those heroes are known by everyone on the street, none of them.

People who are doing work that matters, are not doing work that is popular, they are just doing work that changes some people.

Leonard Bernstein said “I’m no longer sure what the question is, but I know that the answer is Yes.”

What this means in our situation, in a world we live in right now is if you are looking for people to say no to you so that you have an excuse not to do anything, you are spending your time doing the wrong thing.

It is never been easier for you to figure out who your audience is, who you are going to change and what work you are going to do that matters.

I have no doubt that the person reading this blog will succeed, the question is will you pick yourself up and have the courage to say “here I made this?” are you going to matter? I hope you will.

6 thoughts on “Here, I Made This: The Adventures of Noko Mashaba

  1. Waiting for someone to pick you up is like asking people to walk on your behalf. They can get to the same place you intended to go but might use a different route or may not perfect the steps like one would have done (missing opportunities etc).

    We need to be leaders of our own destiny. We need to take ownership.

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