Do you remember what you had for lunch yesterday? If you take a second, you probably do.

Now, do you remember what internal dialogue and little thoughts you had racing through your mind a few minutes before lunch yesterday? Almost certainly not.

Little thoughts last for a very short time. They come, and inevitably, they go. We don’t remember them an hour later, never mind a week or a month later.

A decade ago I came up with the idea of Advisory Board of Directors for Entrepreneurs. In the shower. I still remember the where and the when. It was one of those little ideas, something that could easily disappear.

The challenge is in being alert enough to write them down, to priortise them, to build them, to deliver them out of the door. It’s habit, it’s easy to learn, and it’s frightening.

Carry a small notebook, when the ideas bug strikes, write those ideas down immediately otherwise you will forget them like you did with your little thoughts before lunch yesterday.

Plus when you write things downs, your thoughts becomes clearer.

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