An hour into *The Zulu, time stops.

Bongeni Ngema walks out in his traditional zulu cultural clothes, shouts out to Nicely Nicely Sipho and then Sipho and the cast start belting: “Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down you’re rocking the boat.”

Adrenaline flows. The crowd goes wild.

In that moment, art triumphs over everything.

The play has been rolling along, and suddenly the songs, the lights, the dancing, they’re all taken up a notch (or ten). The crown wakes up, leans forward, and cheers.

On my way to Kasane in Botswana last year, the pilot walked down aisle to check on his passengers.

Consider the way a doctor taking just an extra minute can change her relationships with a patient by pausing and caring.

Consider the pilot walking down the aisle can change the entire afternoon for a restless kid on a flight.

Consider you taking that extra minutes enquiring about the well-being of your client and her family can establish that connection and bond with your client.

The opposite of being a cog or an average entrepreneur is being able to stop the show in your business, at will, for a minute and show care for your customer like Bongeni did in The Zulu.

What would it take for you to stop the show?

*Zulu is a stage/theatre play in South Africa

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