1. Give me a gift!

2. Here is a gift; now you owe me, big-time.

3. Here is a gift, I love you.

The first two are capitalist misunderstandings of what it means to give or receive a gift. The third is the only valid alternative on the list.

Some people think that you can’t be generous until after you become a success. They argue that they have to get theirs first, and then they can go ahead and give back. The astonishing fact is that the most successful people in the world are those who don’t do it for the money.

Old-school businesspeople argue for copyright and patent protection and say, “I can’t tell you my idea because I am afraid you will steal it.”

Old-school thinking is that you get paid first, you sign a contract, you protect and defend and then profit. They say, “Pay me first.”

Real entrepreneurs say, “Here I did this.” “Here I wrote this.” “Here I did this for you.”

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