Money is important, cash is king, it keeps you in the game. But money is not the main reason entrepreneurs do what they do. Actually there are a lot of entrepreneurs who given their skills, experiences and qualifications can make a lot of money in the corporate sector, if it was about money they would have left their businesses when they were experiencing difficult times and went to corporate sector and earn huge salaries with amazing performance bonuses.

Entrepreneurs can make money working for someone else, it is not about money, it is about independence. Independence is what entrepreneurs cherish the most.

A friend always says you have to be crazy to be an entrepreneur to leave your cushy job with attractive perks and want to start something which no likely prospect of a salary in the short term, you have to be double crazy to even want to continue being an entrepreneur after you went bankrupt. But entrepreneurs do it for the independence, for the freedom to have their destiny in their own hands.

Money is important. Money is like blood, it keeps you alive, but you have to make your life doing what you love. Money is what a paintbrush is to a painter, it is a means to an end, it is not an end in itself.

Money is an accelerator, gives the entrepreneur the opportunity to effect more change, to introduce more products, services and new businesses, money creates opportunities for more change. entrepreneurs cherish the opportunities to start another business (and make more money), what drives entrepreneurs is the independence to steer the ship in any direction they want and still make money.

It is about effecting change, money is important to assist in effecting change. It is the change that makes us sleeps at night. Yes Fred Sandford (in Sandford and Son) says money calms the nerves away.

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