Most people misunderstand the internet because they think it’s like TV. They think the job of the internet is to be like what it used to be but for free. If you view your website, or your banner ad, your YouTube videos, or your twitter account as more chances to hell at more people with your message, you will fail.

In fact what the internet is all about is about connecting people to one another. That’s why it’s called the INTER-NET. The connections means, if your restaurant treats one person poorly, they are going to tell ten thousands people, the connections means if you can connect your customers to one another, you will create a circle of people who can make a change. It means no one types your website address to find you, they type it into Google and if Google doesn’t recognise you, you are not connected, and therefore are invisible. It’s about being connected to one another.

The internet is no longer about pushing your message to more customers as far as possible, but it’s about creating connections, about connecting your customers and connecting yourself to them.

Don’t disturb strangers with your message rather speak to people who want to listen to you.

Avoid using spam, refer to this blog post about taking a giant-step (backward)

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