My daughter was blown away by the hippo at the Pretoria Zoo. This giant rhino, bigger than a typical 4×4, with its mouth open, and there, in the mouth of the beast, are a bunch of little birds.

“What are the birds doing in the hippo, Dad?” She wanted to know. As always, I told her more than she probably wanted to know. I explained that the birds eat the bugs the rhino canʼt get to. The birds are happy because they get an easy meal. And the rhino is happily bug-free.

Thereʼs a lot a startup entrepreneurs can learn from these little birds. By creating a mutually beneficial relationship with a hippo, you can make a lot of money, generate credibility, and avoid being eaten.

Find bigger, richer, more stable company. Partner with them. It gives you credibility and
access and sometimes, cash flow.

Is it that easy? No, not really, it takes commitment and concentration, but its a great place to start.

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