I have failed way more times than I have succeeded. I have owned businesses before, from owning a butchery, to an internet cafe, to vending machines, to dry cleaners etc. Some of those businesses went well, some went bust. My lesson from all these experiences was that if I fail more than you do, I win.

Because built into that lesson is this notion that you get to keep playing, if you get to keep playing that means you get to keep failing and sooner or later you are going to make it succeed.

The people who lose are either the ones who don’t fail at all and somewhere along the line get stuck, or those who fail so big they don’t get to play again.

If we talk about doctors or airplane pilots, they don’t try stuff, they don’t say I wonder what happens if I do this, and we are really glad they don’t do that because the cost of failing is greater than the cost of discovering what works and what doesn’t. But not everyone is a doctor or pilot. Most of us live a world where the kind of failure I’m talking about is not fatal at all.

If I post a blog post that doesn’t resonate with people, post another one tomorrow. If you tweet something and no one retweets it, tweet something else again in an hour. If you are obsessed with doing something that everyone else is doing because you are afraid that someone will say “you failed” then you are in real big trouble.

Take appropriate risks, and by appropriate risks I mean risks that keep you in the game even if you fail.

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