Startup Tip 1: Start with a good business idea.

Startup Tip 2: Give yourself a competitive advantage – Get organised & work; make your ideas happen.

Startup Tip 3: Make creating customer value your primary focus.

Startup Tip 4: Get more done – take time off.

Startup Tip 5: Keep your motivation levels high.

Startup Tip 6: Today, find one unproductive habit to change and one useful habit to begin.

Startup Tip 7: Find the correct business partner.

Startup Tip 8: Find a great name for your business.

Startup Tip 9: Create a community of potential buyers before launching your startup.

Startup tip 10: Define your goals.

Startup Tip 11: Narrow your focus and concentrate on what is really important.

Startup Tip 12: How big does your business really need to be? Small may be big enough.

Startup Tip 13: Implement simple routines that create powerful change.

Startup tip 14: Check out your competitors.

Startup Tip 15: Develop self discipline – like you develop your muscles – one day at a time.

Startup Tip 16: Avoid procrastination – just do the work.

Startup Tip 17: No business data = no business. How safe is yours?

Startup tip 18: If you are into consulting, start a blog.

Startup Tip 19: Can you answer the question “What do you do?”

Startup Tip 20: Get connected with your purpose.

Startup Tip 21: Talk to someone new and create new opportunities.

Startup Tip 22: Don’t find a mentor – find a few.

Startup tip 23: Banish doubt – Believe in yourself and what you do.

Startup tip 24: Don’t become a wantrepreneur – Take Action.

Startup tip 25: Don’t be afraid to act like a little company.

Startup Tip 26: It’s okay to make mistakes.

Startup Tip 27: Don’t mix business with pleasure – financially, at least.

Startup tip 28: Celebrate your achievements.

Startup tip 29: Use testimonials from satisfied customers.

Startup Tip 30: Keep good company records – even when it’s just you.

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