People pick up business books looking for a map. They pay attention in school because they want certainty: the certainty of good marks, a good job, a good career.

We transformed school from a place of inquiry into a facility optimised for meeting standards. This is something the industrial age taught us, that there are answers and that you need the answers in order to succeed. Memorise enough answers and you are set.

The connection economy asks you to turn all of that upside down, to not want or need or seek a map. Your instinct to search for a sinecure (that thing that was a safety zone and is now merely a comfort zone) is proof that you have been brainwashed.

The brainwashing is subtle: It doesn’t change our basic human need for safety. In fact, it uses that need to convince us that the safe place (the comfort zone) is the place where we do what we know and do what we are told.

Whenever you feel the pull toward compliance and obedience, feel it for what it is – a reminder of the way you have been trained, not a sensible or rational approach to the opportunity in front of you.

So here is a blog that instead of giving you a map (which business schools are supposed to do), refuses to.

The most rational thing to do is the irrational work of being innovation, of creating your own map. Seek out questions, not answers.

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