The first thing you get taught in business school is that the business environment is always changing.

The main shock came when we were told that our business degree will be obsolete 18 months after completing it.

The idea of the degree is to teach us to be comfortable with change, not to only adjust to change but also to seek change, be change agents, and game changers.

I had the privilege of listening and advising young entrepreneurs who have been running a business for about four years. They were one of two sole providers of specialised services to their clients.

Being a sole provider of a service gives you access to a great market.

Unfortunately when the market shifted due to new technology, they didn’t shift with the market as a result they were left behind.

When Steve Jobs had a meeting with the music industry executives, he basically laid the new law that the music industry is shifting and that iTunes was the future.

Those who refused to move with the new changes were left behind and those who moved with the industry live to tell the tale.

The business environment is always changing. Some changes happen immediately, like a rug being pulled underneath your feet, one minute you are standing, the next you are kissing the ground.

Sometimes changes in business happen gradually like shifting sand. Slowly the change happens, you don’t feel the shifting until you eventually lose balance and you are sucked in.

– What will your industry look like in say 10 years from now?
– Where will you be?
– Are you ready for the changes?
– What are the trends heading?

If you know and have planned for the shifting, you will be able to roll with the punches. If not, you will probably sinking on the shifting sand.

Entrepreneurship is like standing on shifting sands.

It is always shifting.

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