More often we talk about passion as very important for entrepreneurs to keep working hard and persistently on their businesses. When the going gets tough we tend to believe that passion will keep you going. The fact of the matter is that passion is important but it is not the only main ingredient. Think about it, you were very passionate about your first boy/girlfriend, but you still managed to move apart. Commitment is the only thing that gets you though the chasm.

Commitment takes you from “That’s a great idea” to “It’s done.”

Commitment is about coming back even when you feel like giving up on your passionate idea. Commitment is risky, because if you fail, it’s on you.

Commitment is the glue that binds you to your goals. But without commitment, you will fail, because an idea unshipped is not innovation.

Businesses fail not because the owners were not passionate about their ideas, products or services, but because at some point they stopped being committed to their ideas, products or services.

Commitment means you keep rolling with the punches as they come even when you don’t feel like rolling with them anymore.


Business is hard and will test your character, the struggle is part of the story, but like the Japanese proverb says: “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”

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