The following are the reasons why you are afraid to delegate. You prefer that you do it yourself. Unfortunately these are also the same reasons your business will struggle to grow:

No one can do it better than I do

You strongly believe that you are the only one who knows what needs to happen, how to design, how to arrange it, how it should look. Even if you delegate it, no one can do it much better than you can. Haven’t you heard “if you want it done, do it yourself.” This might be true but this is also what holds your business back from growing.

What if they steal

You delegate them to look after stock or cash of the business, they might steal it. I can’t trust anyone else so I have to be there and look after it. Again this might be true but you being there all the time stifle the growth of business, because quite frankly you can’t have two branches of businesses because you can’t be at two places at the same time.

What if they do a great job than me

What if I delegate to them and they do such an amazing job, wont they leave me and start their own business and be better competitors than me. The CFO asked the CEO: what if we train the staff and they leave, the CEO responded what if we don’t train them and they staff.

What if the business grows to be bigger than I thought

The reason I’m afraid to delegate. What if the business grows to an extent that I can’t keep control of it. Sometime we get overwhelmed by something that grows too big that we are afraid we will lose control of a bigger business.

My customers want me

My customers prefer to deal with me and not anyone else. This means that I have to be there for them especially the older clients, I have been with them for a long time and have this special bond with them. When they come to my store/office, they look for me, if I’m not there they leave and will come back when I’m around.

These are the some of the reasons your business will not grow because you stand in the way of its growth.

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