Being an entrepreneur is like being an artist. For you to be creative all you need is a blank sheet and a brush. There is no map, you draw your own map. You write your own narrative.

Half the time I get people asking for a where to start, the step by step procedure on how to start a business. Once a person asks those questions, they want to comply, they want the easy route to follow. They off-course mean well because to them they don’t want to repeat mistakes that someone else may have gone through or re-invent the wheel when it could be easier to purchase or learn from the existing wheel. But if you are going to be creative, to come up with new things, the first thing to do it to start with a blank sheet and draw your own map. This is where the art of being an entrepreneur comes into play.

The step by step question refers to science of being an entrepreneur. The challenge is to fuse the two (science and art) to create something magical, something new, innovative and sustainable. Don’t limit your entrepreneurship journey to the question of science, but consider writing your own narrative. There is no map, draw your map, besides that’s what makes being an entrepreneur fun, its more fun to write your own rules than to follow them. You hold the pen in your hand, write your story…

“Please stop waiting for a map. We reward those who draw maps, not those who follow them.” —Seth Godin

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