A freelancer sells their talents. While they may have a few employees, they are doing a job without a boss, but not running a business. There is no exit strategy or pot of gold, but they make their own hours and are their own boss. Examples of freelancers include artists, writers, consultants, film editors, architects and musicians.

An entrepreneur is trying to build something bigger than themselves. Entrepreneurs start something from nothing and grow it. They take calculated risks and focus on growth. An entrepreneur is willing to receive little pay, work long hours and take on great risk in exchange for the freedom to make something big, something that has real market value.

People start as freelancers but after a certain time, some grow and others remain the same size. Those who grow their business become entrepreneurs, and those who remain being are freelancers. Which one are you, you decide.

8 thoughts on “Are you a freelancer or an entrepreneur? You decide

    1. I think its about outlook and actions. What you do now and what you want to be in the near future that will determine if you are freelancer or entrepreneur. If you are small and want to grow your footprint business-wise, then you are an entrepreneur, but if you want to remain small and maintain your status-quo structure, then you are more like a freelancer.

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